The premise:

I’m on a personal mission to bring back butter. I will do this by creating a pedal-operated mechanism that churns butter and toasts bread. It’s heaven.

I’ve got the plans and model to build a pedal-operated butter churn, but no money. It’s quite simple, really. The mechanism starts with a bike frame and various other bike parts. Gears and such are added along with an attachment for a butter churn. The quart sized butter churn hooks up and then the generator and converter are added to power the toaster. A battery is added to store the newly acquired electricity so there’s flexibility as to when the toaster is operated.

The process:

Ingredients for butter are put in the butter churn. Someone jumps on and pedals away. After about an hour of pedaling a timer starts the toaster. When the toast pops—the pay-off begins. Participants enjoy warm toast and fresh butter. The toaster can be used many times to provide butter delivery devices. The more people there are, the easier it is on everyone.

So why do I need all this butter? I don’t! My plan is to take the mechanism out into the world and set it up outside art openings and other public events. I’m also going to pay for metered parking in a city and give out free butter and toast one day. The best part about enjoying the creamy goodness is it will be totally free to the public. I’ll pay for all this with your help and merchandise sales. I’m designing shirts, stickers, buttons, and much more to sell during the events.

I need your help to get this going. Most of the stuff I can get cheaply, but the generator, battery, DC/AC converter, and even butter churn are quite expensive. Since the butter churn is not being produced anymore I’ve found some on ebay that still work.

If that’s not enough I have plans to modify the mechanism to produce ice cream, smoothies, and power other small appliances. All I need is the first to get the ball rolling.